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Want straighter teeth? This could be your solution…

Recently Chris and Garrath were exclusively approached by a large multi-national dental company to join them in London for a unique series of training days. The company was Invisalign, and they are the manufacturers of a near invisible teeth straightening system. The two chaps were invited because of the practice’s National standing as a recognised cosmetic dental centre, and Invisalign wanted them to develop a flagship centre in Cornwall.

Straight teeth are more than just about a nice smile. It is well known that having straight teeth can make cleaning much easier and directly reduce your risk of gum disease and tooth decay. With recent advances in materials it is now possible to straighten your teeth with near invisible braces. This makes having braces much more comfortable and reduces the need to visit the dentist as much as conventional braces.

As teeth straightening has been done at St Piran Dental for a number of years now, we are experienced in this area. However, this new treatment option now allows us to offer our patients a much more discreet way of straightening, as well as being able to whiten at the same time.


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