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Make savings of up to £1,300 on Invisalign treatments with St Piran Dental.

We have secured a huge, one off, lab discount from INVISALIGN which allows us to pass these savings on to you! This offer is limited and ends on 15th June 2017.

To secure your place contact us now on 01872 573993 or click below

Do you want straight teeth but without the hassle of train tracks? Discreet and comfortable braces are in high demand nowdays and Invisalign is the market leader with over 4 million people treated worldwide.

At St Piran Dental we are a preferred provider of Invisalign, and are a well recognised award winning dental cosmetic centre based in the heart of Cornwall just 50 metres from the beach.

Invisalign requires you to wear a series of simple clear positioning trays which exerts gentle pressure upon the teeth to guide them into the desired position. When wearing they are almost invisible to see and can even be removed for social occasions if needed. This provides you with the ultimate of flexibility in having your teeth straightened without the multiple dentist visits.

Cost and time varies depending upon the degree of teeth movement needed.
For further details on how you could benefit from teeth straightening please contact us for a FREE consultation.”

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