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What is Family Dentistry and Why Should I Go to a Family Dentist?

Family dentistry is a different branch of dentistry, carrying out wide variety of services as opposed to specialising in one area. As opposed to orthodontists working to correct teeth, or periodontists specialising in treatment for the gums; paediatric dentists for the children and general dentists for the adults, a family dentist will offer dental check-ups for people of all ages and carry out services from routine cleanings and teeth whitening, to providing fillings and replacing missing teeth. What’s more, a family dentist will be able to see you and your family at the same time, which is beneficial for a number of reasons:

Save time and hassle with one trip

Instead of making separate trips for your children to visit the paediatric dentist and you to go to a general dentist, or a specialist for any dental or oral problems, your family dentist will be able to see you all in one go with back to back appointments. As such you could save yourself a lot of time arranging and making sure you meet all of the appointments, which can be challenging with a busy family lifestyle. Visiting a family dentist will make things much more convenient for you and as they specialise in a wide variety of dental solutions, you’ll most likely all be able to receive the different suitable treatments required.

Keep costs down

For more specialist dentist branches, such as going to an endodontist for a root canal, you could find that they will charge you more than a family dentist. Although you may have insurance which will cover treatment from a specialist, you may still be spending more as this will only cover a percentage of a higher price. It’s best to compare the costs for a specialist with your insurance cover and a general dentist to ensure you’re getting the best value.

Lower anxiety among the family

Fear or anxiety about visiting the dentist is common, and it can especially be a scary experience for small children or those going for their first trip. Going to a family dentist together, can be comforting for those who are more anxious and you could make it into a fun family outing for the children. Additionally, your children seeing you having regular check-ups from a young age, may also help them become more familiar with and less fearful of the dentist’s chair.

Benefit from familiarity

There’s often an idea of impersonality with the dentist, however visiting the same family dentist will build a feeling of friendship and trust with the staff, again helping to ease any anxiety. Gaining a sense of familiarity with your dentist will definitely help if you or your family are afraid of having any work done and it will make the experience a more pleasant one. Additionally, the reception will have all of your records on file, so paperwork won’t have to be filled out every time. Visiting your family dentist makes for a simple, efficient and hassle-free process.

Get high quality care

Sticking with a family dentist that you can trust, you’ll feel more secure and safer in the knowledge that work will be carried out to a high quality and you’ll be satisfied with any treatment. Instead of worrying about whether a new specialist branch or general dentist will deliver safe, professional services, you’ll minimise risk with an honest and qualified family dentist for your dental health needs.

To find out more about visiting a family dentist or to book your family in for an appointment, please contact us on 01872 573993, or email

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