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The Changing Face of Cosmetic Dentistry


Whilst dentists have long been faced with queries from patients on how the appearance of their teeth and smile can be improved, there is definitely a shift in how individuals are arriving at the realisation that something isn’t quite right. Only this week we read in the news that our obsession as a nation with ‘Selfies’ is leading to an increase in demand for teeth correcting treatments, when in fact they are often not needed.

This, we thought, needed some further investigation.

Let’s begin at the beginning and ask why it is that patients generally feel they need the benefit of cosmetic dentistry. Our experience tells us that it is usually one or a combination of these most popular factors:

  • Visibly crooked, gapped or uneven teeth
  • Loss of a tooth
  • Difficulty brushing or eating
  • Comments from others
  • Looking at photographs, particularly over long periods time

The realisation that someone is not happy with their smile is rarely reached overnight. Misalignment of teeth often progresses over time as the mouth develops and teeth shift position to accommodate the facial and jaw changes that come with getting older. It may be that it is only when comparing two photographs, a considerable time distance apart, that you can detect changes in your smile. Or, it could be that after tolerating crooked, or stained teeth for some time, a change in career or personal circumstances makes you want to reconsider your options.

Ultimately, seeking advice on the cosmetic dental treatments available only comes when the individual has reached the point where their smile is making them unhappy. So it is alarming to read that increasing numbers of patients are seeking treatment to reduce the prominence of their front teeth, when in actual fact their mobile phone is creating a distorted photograph.

When taken too closely to the face or using a flash, selfies can distort the front teeth or exaggerate their size in comparison to surrounding teeth. What’s more worrying is that so many people are using photos they have taken of themselves as the principal appraisal of their looks, rather than relying on the good old fashioned mirror or the opinion of close friends.

With our society becoming increasingly affected by celebrity culture and more of us taking selfies and uploading them to social media to make comparisons, we are all becoming more aware of what we look like to others. As an exercise in self appraisal this isn’t always a bad thing as it helps to identify those things we are not happy with – as many of these issues such as wonky teeth, gapped smiles or stained teeth – can often be easily overcome with the right treatment.

At St Piran we offer a wide range of cosmetic dentist treatments to help you feel confident in your smile, including:

  • Dental veneers – to disguise teeth imperfections and protect the surface from further damage
  • Adult braces – to straighten the teeth using the most modern and discreet methods
  • Teeth whitening – at-home or in-practice treatment to lighten your teeth
  • White fillings – restorative and protective treatment that is virtually undetectable

All of these treatments are only provided following a FREE initial consultation to ensure that the treatment is suitable and results are as you expected, if not better.

We’re certainly not suggesting you stop taking selfies, just bear in mind that your dentist will have a much better opinion of your teeth then your mobile phone camera! If you are at all worried about your teeth or unhappy with your smile, please call the St Piran Dental team on 01872 573993 or speak to us at your next appointment.

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