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Why dental sedation is nothing to worry about

When you come across the term sedation used in the dental context, you could be forgiven for thinking it is something to worry about – that we need to heavily sedate you in order to carry out major dental work. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Dental sedation is a popular part of modern dentistry, allowing those who are nervous about their teeth or the thought of dental work to maintain good oral hygiene just like the rest of us.

Fear of the dentist or ‘dental phobia’ can affect up to one-in-four of us. It can be so severe that in some cases individuals go many years without a check-up or worse still, attempt their own DIY dental treatments. As a dentist this is something we fear most as we are already struggling as a nation to look after our teeth, but the most important factor is that our patients are happy, comfortable and well informed. That’s where dental sedation comes in.

It could be bad memories from childhood or perhaps a particularly painful toothache that you once experienced which triggered your dental phobia, whatever the cause you can be assured that we understand your fears and can do something positive to help you.

What we do to ease your fears

  • Provide a pleasant waiting room with a friendly, welcoming atmosphere
  • Provide stress balls and patient comfort devices
  • Offer conscious sedation to help you feel relaxed and comfortable during dental treatment
  • Provide general anaesthesia for more severe cases
  • Talk to you in depth prior to carrying out any treatment to ensure you understand what will happen and are comfortable for us to proceed.

If you are a nervous patient please make sure you speak to us when you arrive for your appointment or telephone beforehand so we can talk you through any concerns.

How you can help yourself

Here are a few tips which may help you feel less nervous before your next appointment:

  • Book an appointment early in the morning so you don’t spend all day worrying about it
  • Remember that your first appointment will always be a check-up so we won’t carry out any work on that day
  • Take a friend or relative with you – this may be particularly helpful if you are worried you will forget what you have been told about any treatment that might be required as your companion can also listen and even take notes for you
  • Take some headphones with you and listen to music from your phone or tablet to help you feel relaxed before and during your check up
  • Tell the dentist beforehand if you are nervous so we can do our best to make you feel at ease

If you have never visited us at St Piran before you might like to call in at your convenience to get a feel for our waiting area and meet our friendly reception staff. This will be a good opportunity to make your first appointment and ask any questions you have.

Call in or call us today on 01872 573993 and let us take the worry away.

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