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How often should you change your toothbrush?


It’s one of those questions that nobody really knows the answer to, but it’s quite important that you do.

As your dentists, we say you should change your toothbrush every three months to maintain good dental health.

Studies show that toothbrushes are far less effective at removing plaque after the three-month period, meaning you should ditch the old one and replace with a new brush - or if you’re an electric toothbrush fan then replace the head.

It’s also worth considering changing your toothbrush after you’re ill or have had a prolonged mouth infection. Even if you haven’t been sick, fungus and bacteria can develop in your toothbrush.

Our final tip for dental hygiene success:

Make sure you let your toothbrush dry out between uses.

Toothbrushes can be breeding grounds for germs, fungus and bacteria. After using your toothbrush, shake it vigorously under tap water and store it in an upright position so that it can air out.

Is a manual or electric toothbrush best?

When it comes to choosing between a manual or electric toothbrush, it's a personal choice – they're equally effective at removing plaque and debris if used correctly. ... When choosing a manual toothbrush, make sure it has a small head for better access to the back teeth.

In our small team, 6 out of the 7 staff quizzed used an electric toothbrush so it seems that electric is the more popular choice.

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