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Why babies should sip not suck!

As well as what children eat and drink, how they eat and drink is important too.

Why choose an open cup from 6 months?

Dental health and orthodontic development:

  • It encourages proper sipping. This will promote muscle use that stimulates correct jaw and facial growth and help avoid crooked teeth and orthodontic problems.
  • Reduces dental decay by avoiding comfort sucking: using a teat or spout creates a ‘drip feed’ effect meaning teeth are continually exposed to acid attack if child is drinking milk or juices.
  • Develop fine motor skills and a sense of achievement.

What else can you do?

Reduce use of sucking food from food pouches as these can delay a child’s chewing action which can lead to narrow dental arches, crowded or crooked teeth and malocclusion.

Why don’t parents use open cups earlier? 

Normal cups are simply too wide: imagine us as adults trying to drink from something far too big like a jug or a bucket! 

Spillage/ mess:

Given the chance to try, our little ones are often brilliant at picking up new skills - use the right sized cup from the start. They’ve already learnt the skill and what’s more, they’ve begun a healthy lifestyle habit from the very start.

Happy sipping!

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