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Our top 4 favourite dental apps

There is a teeth-rattling array of dental apps out there. We’ve given them all a try and come up with our top four child-friendly apps.

Brush DJ

Free: iPad, iPhone, Android

This app is designed as a fun and educational accompaniment to your brushing routine. The stylish and customisable interface appeals to all ages and plays tunes selected from your music library to keep you entertained during your two minutes of tooth brushing. You can even set reminders for dental appointments and replacing your toothbrush.

British Dental Journal research suggests that this NHS-approved app encourages better oral healthcare and awareness of oral health messages.

All in all a great app that injects some fun into your brushing routine while improving cleaning, motivation and awareness.


Free/£0.99:               iPad, iPhone

A well-designed, fun and educational brushing aid aimed at kids. Children can choose between four animated characters to guide them through their tooth brushing routine (three of them require a purchase).

There are extensive customisation options available including how long you brush for and your preferred technique. There is also an option to have accompanying music (your own or MyTeeth music) and detailed tips for parents on how to help kids with their brushing.

This app uses great animation and sound effects to encourage a good brushing technique

Chomper Chums®

Free: iPhone, Android

Chomper Chums is a brushing app for children with an added game element. Children earn rewards for brushing their teeth and use these to buy food and drink for their Chomper Chums virtual pet.  The app shows you which sections of the teeth should be brushed and for how long (although it doesn’t show the exact technique). It also tells children when they are making healthy food and drink choices for their pet.

This is a fun app that motivates children to brush their teeth regularly for the recommended amount of time.

Sugar Smart app

The Public Health England’s Sugar Smart app is designed to quickly and easily show how much sugar is in your favourite foods and drinks. Simply scan the bar code on your chosen item and a fun graphic is displayed showing the equivalent number of sugar cubes contained in that product.

At present the app is in its early stages so many products are not yet recognised, but given that Public Health England says “young children are eating three times more than the sugar limit” this could be a valuable tool for raising awareness of hidden sugars.

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