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Out with 2 minutes twice a day, in with 10 seconds?

Would you ditch the two minutes twice a day for 10 seconds twice a day? I think I would. If like me you feel your time could be better spent elsewhere then take a little read of this.

Intrigued?  I was and still am, so have you heard of the toothbrush which is being referred to as ‘revolutionary’ in the dental world? It is called Amabrush and is being labelled as ‘the first automatic toothbrush’ brushing all surfaces of your teeth in just 10seconds! It is currently in prototype mode and the first line of ‘automatic toothbrushes’ are being dispatched this month. The second round is set to go live in February and I personally am still on the fence as to buy in now or wait for the reviews. Here is the link should you wish to ditch manual or electric and hop on the automatic band wagon:

5 quick facts about Amabrush:

  1. To use it, you will have to bite on the mouthpiece, push the button, and wait for 10 seconds then rinse.
  2. The flexible, antibacterial mouthpiece comes in one size and is designed to fit every jaw.
  3. It comes with a toothpaste capsule but you can also use your own toothpaste.
  4. It does not clean the tongue and you will still need to floss.
  5. Got braces? Amabrush can clean the braces behind your teeth, but it might not clean the front side perfectly. Your brackets and wire will bend and misplace the bristles.

    Amabrush will ship their first batch of retail units to its Kickstarter supporters this December. And yes, they will ship anywhere in the world.


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