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Some breakfast cereals contain as much sugar as a can of Coke 

Many parents are unwittingly serving up breakfast cereals which can contain up to nine teaspoons of sugar, the same as in a fizzy drink can.

Some breakfast cereals in the UK have dangerously high levels of sugar, particularly some breakfast cereals marketed towards children.

Kellogg's has announced the launch of its 'Better Starts Plan', which includes the reduction of sugar levels in three of its best-selling children's cereals. By the end of 2018:

Coco Pops will be reduced by 40% (from 30g/100g to 17g/100g)

Rice Krispies will be reduced by 20%

Rice Crispies Multi-Grain Shapes by 30%.

What can we do?

Lower sugar cereals are a step in the right direction but if you want to avoid cereals, what are the alternatives and how do you make the change? 

It doesn't take long for your taste buds to readjust to less sugar – the hardest part is to change our habits and routines. This takes thought and preparation.

  • Bring the family together to discuss better breakfast options ahead of time.
  • Explain to the children why the change is needed.
  • Listen to their suggestions for alternatives. This is more likely to produce a sustained change in eating habits.

Here are some alternatives to cereals:

  • Egg breakfast muffins
  • Bananas on toast
  • Berries with natural yoghurt (my favourite though I top mine with healthy granola)
  • Porridge with fruits

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